Hi Steve,
Another year, another great tree!
I have to tell you that your new tree wrapping machine has made my life much easier.  Before you got that new machine it was always such a struggle getting the tree into the house. Your machine now compacts it so tightly that it is a breeze getting it through the door.

I included a photo of how good it looks. Everyone thinks I am lying when I tell them how much I paid for it.
Best deal in New York!

As usual, your team made the whole adventure a great time for all of us!

Thanks again,
David Auffarth

image1 image2

cutting tree 2010 cutting tree 2010 cutting tree 2010 cutting tree 2010

Hi Steve, Richie Danny and I have been cutting our tree down at your farm for many years now, I just wanted to share some of these pictures with you. See you the day after Thanksgiving.

Sincerely The Kinghan Family


The Merryman Extended Family writes:

“Thank you for providing such a beautiful setting for us to continue our family tradition of searching for and cutting our Christmas trees. Your warm welcome and hospitality adds so much to the day. It is a wonderful way to begin the holiday season and get into the holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas!

The Merryman Extended Family (Wagner, Riley, Capreol, Hawkes, Terwilliger)”


The O’Shea Family writes:

Hi!!! I did not want to let another year go by where I said but than didn’t follow through, that I would send you some photos of our trees that we get from you each year. Abel’s has become such a perfect part of our family tradition. My girls always want to get the largest tree that can fit in our room. 


Every year you say we can’t get one that tall and yet we always manage to find one. 🙂 You guys also always tell us that we won’t be able to get it though your baler and yet I always find myself saying you are Abel, of course we will!!! 🙂 Thanks for always being so helpful, friendly and part of our family tradition. We hope that you and your growing family have a safe and very happy holiday!!! See you next year!!!!!!! Here are some photos from last year and the year before.

Thanks again!

The O’Sheas


The Seyffert kids and Yoda:

Yoda greets the kids as they get hot chocolate (and waits to clean up any spills).

We have heard that this can happen, but we have never had pictures… until now!

Mike from North Bergen, NJ sent this in:

In 2005 he cut his tree, brought it home, and to his surprise… it started growing about 4 weeks later.
He kept the tree watered well and used a product we sell called “Keeps it Green” tree preservative.
The abundant water supply along with the warmth of being indoors made the tree think that it was spring.

cs1 cs2 cs3 cs4
Locate Cut and Grow??? The lime green is new growth

The Wolvertons from New York:

Dear Steve and Everyone at Abel’s Trees, After 5 years of over-priced and dried out trees, we decided that it was time to cut our own tree. We had several options, but we chose Abel’s Trees and it was the best Christmas decision we’ve made in years. Our two young children (5 1/2 and 3) had a fantastic time walking (and running) through the trees and we found ours in about 15 MINUTES! Then we had great help from your staff in getting the tree ready for the car – and even more help in tying it to the car. Our tree didn’t move an inch in our 50+ mile drive home. The kids loved seeing the wreathes (my son picked one out) and even more the hot chocolate and the dogs. It was worth every minute of our drive. A family tradition has been started and it we look forward to coming back next year.


The Wolvertons

Vince from Albany:

There is no shortage of holiday spirit here as Vince gets his tree.

cs_vince1 cs_vince2

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