2017 News Letter

By Tor|December 1, 2017|Information|

Greetings from the Abels! 2017 has been a good year for us and we hope it has been equally kind to you! In May, our family grew with the birth of our newest granddaughter, Frances. We call her Frankie, and she is a bundle of joy! Then, in July, the family grew even more when Ryan and Jenn were married here at the farm. It was a great celebration and a wonderful experience to get to know Jenn’s family! It was also a very good year for the trees. They grew well and the selection may be the best ever. We have many over 10 feet tall, but even more in the 6- 8 foot range. In fact, we have so many that we really need to substantially increase our sales to avoid overcrowding in the next few years. Please help us out, and bring friends and family that have never been here before. Remember, we have special parking areas set aside for groups who may want to stay longer and tailgate for a while. Please announce your plans in advance if possible and notify us when you arrive so we can guide you to the right areas. As always, we will continue to provide wagon rides, wreaths, tree stands, free hot chocolate, and of course, Erin’s tasty treats and kettle corn to purchase. We also have new photo-ops as we strive to help provide a memorable family experience. We will be open Black Friday and then all weekends until Christmas. Appointments may also be scheduled during weekdays if you can’t make it on weekends. Please visit our website, www.Abelstrees.com for additional information or call 845-677-6395 with questions. Check us…

16′ Tree

By Tor|December 3, 2016|Information|

Last year this family took home a 14′ tree. This year they were shopping for a 10′ tree. They went home with a 16′ beauty. We still do have a number of large trees. We also have measuring poles available for double checking the size of tree you are taking home.

Recalling That Evergreen Smell

By Tor|November 29, 2016|Information|

I hope everyone enjoys this read as much as we did! Paul works for Cornell Cooperative Extension of St Lawrence County, and keeps us informed of many matters including the below. Recalling That Evergreen Smell By Paul Hetzler Speaking as a guy who can hide his own Easter eggs and still not find them, I marvel how Father Christmas, who is at least several years older than I, still manages to keep track of all those kids and their presents. Lucky for us that the most enduring memories are associated with smell. If it was not for the fragrant evergreen wreaths, trees and garlands (and possibly a hint of reindeer dung), Santa probably would have long ago forgotten his holiday duties. Of all the memorable aromas of the holiday season, nothing evokes its spirit quite like the smell of fresh-cut pine, spruce or fir. Although most American households which observe Christmas have switched to artificial trees, about eleven million families still bring home a real tree. Every type of conifer has its own mixture of sweet-smelling terpenols and esters that account for their “piney woods” perfume. Some people prefer the fragrance of a particular tree, possibly one they had as a child. A natural Christmas tree is, among other things, a giant holiday potpourri. No chemistry lab can make a polyvinylchloride tree smell like fresh pine, fir or spruce. The origins of the Christmas tree are unclear, but evergreen trees, wreaths, and boughs were used by a number of ancient peoples, including the Egyptians, to symbolize eternal life. In sixteenth-century Germany, Martin Luther apparently helped kindle (so to speak) the custom of the indoor home Christmas tree by bringing an…

2016 News Letter

By Tor|November 16, 2016|Information|

Greetings from everyone at Abel’s Trees! We hope the past year has been kind to you and we are looking forward to seeing you this Christmas season. Last year was a very good year for us and we are pleased with the changes we made with our parking arrangements, the new barn, and our improved roadways on the farm. Remember that we do have some special parking areas set aside for large groups that would like to stay a while and tailgate. Please call ahead or announce your arrival so we can help you park in the best location. We have a tremendous selection of trees up to 9 feet tall and we also have a few hundred trees in the 10-15 foot range as well as some even taller. This year we installed a new deer fence enclosing about 5 acres to enable us to grow additional varieties of trees. We have begun planting fraser firs, concolor firs and douglas firs in that field. As always, we will continue to provide free hot chocolate, Erin’s tasty treats to purchase, kettle corn, wagon rides and hope to provide another memorable Christmas experience. We will be open Black Friday and then will be open each weekend until Christmas. During the week, visits may be scheduled by appointment if needed. On Saturday, December 24, we expect to remain open, but with limited staffing. Please visit our website, www.Abelstrees.com, for additional information, or call 845-677-6395 with any questions. On Facebook, Friend us at Abels Trees or Like us at Abels Tree Farm. Best wishes from everyone at Abel’s Trees, Steve Abel and family

Are Dogs Allowed

By Tor|December 9, 2015|Information|

Many people have asked, “are dogs allowed?” Yes dogs are allowed. We love dogs here and have a couple ourselves. But we do ask that you keep the dog leashed at all times.

Abel Tree Visits NYC

By Tor|January 14, 2011|Information|

The Metropolitan Opera has purchased their Christmas tree from Abel’s Trees. We had to go visit!