Cut Your Own by Mark Adams

By Tor|December 5, 2018|Information|

A nice write up by Mark Adams from Northern Dutchess News. Cut Your Own Abel’s Tree Farm is number one on Dutchess Tourism’s list of 16 cut-your-own Christmas tree farms. Maybe it’s because Abel’s grows 30,000 gorgeous spruce and fir trees on their 190-acre farm in Verbank. Or because they are the first local tree farm to be awarded the “New York Grown and Certified” label. Or maybe it’s because the list is alphabetical. Close to 100,000 Christmas trees will be cut down in Dutchess County this month, and 100,000 will no doubt be replanted next spring. Some local tree farms are open every day until Dec. 25 – Battenfeld’s, Big Rock, Fabulous Firs, Bilmar, Primrose Hill, Rawls, Saltsman, Hahn’s and Wonderland, for example. Others – BJ’s, Evergreen, Market Farm, Murphy Crest, Plains View, Solvang and Abel’s are weekends only. Sue and I stopped by Abel’s Tree Farm on a busy Sunday to check out the scene. We couldn’t tie a tree to the roof of our convertible, but around 200 other people did that day. Husband-and-wife team Steve and Kim Abel direct the operation with lots of help from friends and family. The farm has been in Steve’s family since 1850, with an emphasis on sheep and hay, until Steve’s dad planted a few thousand spruce trees as part of a reforestation initiative sponsored by the government. Starting about 1975, he cut a few down to sell as Christmas trees and the idea caught on. I was intrigued by Abel’s “New York Grown and Certified” status, which is the main reason I wanted to see the operation. My greenhouse business is also “New York Grown and Certified,” but not…

16′ Tree

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Last year this family took home a 14′ tree. This year they were shopping for a 10′ tree. They went home with a 16′ beauty. We still do have a number of large trees. We also have measuring poles available for double checking the size of tree you are taking home.

Recalling That Evergreen Smell

By Tor|November 29, 2016|Information|

I hope everyone enjoys this read as much as we did! Paul works for Cornell Cooperative Extension of St Lawrence County, and keeps us informed of many matters including the below. Recalling That Evergreen Smell By Paul Hetzler Speaking as a guy who can hide his own Easter eggs and still not find them, I marvel how Father Christmas, who is at least several years older than I, still manages to keep track of all those kids and their presents. Lucky for us that the most enduring memories are associated with smell. If it was not for the fragrant evergreen wreaths, trees and garlands (and possibly a hint of reindeer dung), Santa probably would have long ago forgotten his holiday duties. Of all the memorable aromas of the holiday season, nothing evokes its spirit quite like the smell of fresh-cut pine, spruce or fir. Although most American households which observe Christmas have switched to artificial trees, about eleven million families still bring home a real tree. Every type of conifer has its own mixture of sweet-smelling terpenols and esters that account for their “piney woods” perfume. Some people prefer the fragrance of a particular tree, possibly one they had as a child. A natural Christmas tree is, among other things, a giant holiday potpourri. No chemistry lab can make a polyvinylchloride tree smell like fresh pine, fir or spruce. The origins of the Christmas tree are unclear, but evergreen trees, wreaths, and boughs were used by a number of ancient peoples, including the Egyptians, to symbolize eternal life. In sixteenth-century Germany, Martin Luther apparently helped kindle (so to speak) the custom of the indoor home Christmas tree by bringing an…

Are Dogs Allowed

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Many people have asked, “are dogs allowed?” Yes dogs are allowed. We love dogs here and have a couple ourselves. But we do ask that you keep the dog leashed at all times.

Abel Tree Visits NYC

By Tor|January 14, 2011|Information|

The Metropolitan Opera has purchased their Christmas tree from Abel’s Trees. We had to go visit!