Picture Time

By Tor|November 29, 2016|Farm|

Thanks Zach for creating a “Your Face Here” foreground this year! Zach is not only a great family friend but one of the most talented artists I know. We already have a great number of pictures. If you have one you would like to share, tag us on Instagram #abelstreefarm we would love to see em!

Summer Work Crew

By Tor|September 24, 2016|Farm|

Look at this work crew, ready to get the job done this morning! Brush clean up and then to work on the new deer fence.

Fall 2015 Dug and Balled

By Tor|October 10, 2015|Farm|

We had a great crew and made awesome progress today. No break downs of the machinery and we dug everything we had planned. These Blue Spruce trees are nice and tight and we think they will be happy in their new homes!

Spring Planting 2015

By Tor|April 18, 2015|Farm|

Stumps are cut and the snow is melted, time for planting! This week we planted Canaan Firs and Norway Spruce.

Howey Tree Balers

By Tor|December 12, 2014|Farm|

We have two new Howey Tree Balers ready to assist with baling your tree. We have a great selection of large Christmas Trees and the Howey Balers will allow us to quickly and safely bale your tree.

Digging Fall 2014

By Tor|November 6, 2014|Farm|

We Dug some spruces today. Rocky did most of the heavy lifting.